The following methods can be used to get a list of all orders seen by either an administrator of the system or a plain user.

The following models are used in the response:

Name Type Description Optional
SignOrders List<OverviewSignOrderResponseModel> The orders as seen by this user or administrator.

Name Type Description Optional
SignOrderId Int Short id of order.
Created DateTime DateTime of order creation.
Status String Status of order.
StatusTime DateTime Date and time of latest status change.
CreatorId String Creator Id.
DocumentReference String Order Id / Order reference.
EndDate DateTime End date of order - the day after this date the order will be expired.
ReminderDate DateTime Date of first reminder - null if no reminders.
ReminderInterval Int Interval of reminders - 0 if no reminders.
OrderId Guid Internal order id.
SenderEmail String Creator email.
SenderName String Creator name.
StepProgress Int Points to active step.
Documents List<OverviewDocumentResponseModel> Documents and attachments of this order.
Steps List<OverviewSignOrderStepResponseModel> Steps.
RejectReason String If this order was cancelled this property may contain the reason (if given by whoever cancelled the order).
RejectSignerReference String If this order was cancelled by a signer this property contains who.
LastDownloaded DateTime When was this order last downloaded by owner.
CustomerInvoiceNumber String Customer invoice number.
CustomData String Any custom data attached to this order.
CommonNote String Common note.
IsCPROrder Boolean Is this a CPR Validation order?
IsFilesOrder Boolean Is this a Files order?
IsPropertyAdminOrder Boolean Is this a PropertyAdmin order?
IsOnboardingOrder Boolean Is this a Onboarding order?
Files List<OverviewDocumentResponseModel> Files on this order.
IsArchived Boolean Is order archived?
DesktopModule String Which module was used to create order?
OrderCompletedBcc List<String> List of emails order completed email sent to
AddAttachmentToOrderCompletedBcc Boolean Add attachments to the list of emails order completed email sent to
SignWebUrl String Sign web url

Name Type Description Optional
Title String Title of document.
AgreementId String Agreement Id of document as set by esignatur.
Filename String Filename.
CustomData String Any custom data attached to this document.
IsAttachment Boolean Is this document an attachment? Attachments are not signed.
DocumentId Int The document id.
DocumentType String Document Type.
DocumentCategory String Document Category.

Name Type Description Optional
Signers List<OverviewSignerResponseModel> Signers of this step.
RequiredToSign Int X of Y required to sign.
StartDate DateTime StartDate, the day when the invitation for the step is sent.

Name Type Description Optional
LocalId Int Internal Id of this signer.
Email String Email address.
Name String Name of signer.
Identification String Identification of signer.
IdentificationType String Identification type of signer.
Reference String System reference to signer.
DocumentSigned DateTime DateTime of when signer signed. Is null if signer have not signed yet.
InvitedToSign DateTime DateTime of when signer was invited to sign. Is null if signer is not invited yet.
Title String Formal title of signer.
CustomData String Custom data attached to this signer.
Roles List<String> DEPRECATED: List of roles of this signer.
SignerRoles List<RoleModel> List of roles of this signer.
OnBehalfOf String Who this signer will sign on behalf of.
EmailTemplateKey String Email Template Key.
IsApprover Boolean Is this an internal signer.
IsTwoFactorSign Boolean Is signer a twofactor signer.
TwoFactorPhoneNumber String Easysign phone number of signer.
TwoFactorSharedSecret String Shared password for Easysign of signer.
DocumentIds List<Int32> Documents the signer can see.
NoSignatureRequired Boolean No signature required for signer.
EmptyAttachmentIdsOverridesDefault Boolean Use extra rule on how to handle attachments?
PrivateNote String Private note.
MailSubject String Mail subject.
CommonNote String Common Note
SignerInputFields Dictionary<SignerInputField> Questions and answers
SignerInputGroups Dictionary<SignerInputGroup> Question groups
HideAttachments Boolean Are attachments hidden for this signer?
AppendixOptional Boolean Should opening appendix be optional?

Get orders for administrator or user


Get all orders for administrator or user. You can set the If-Modified-Since header to specify a date (in UTC) from which only modified orders are shown.


GET api.esignatur.dk/OrderInfo/OrdersForAdministrator/{id}

... or ...


GET api.esignatur.dk/OrderInfo/OrdersForUser/{id}

JSON Output

  "SignOrders": [
      "SignOrderId": 1,
      "Created": "2023-06-04T02:24:12.5934401+02:00",
      "Status": "Completed",
      "CreatorId": "4444-333-22-1",
      "DocumentReference": "1212341234kjlfdqf8qw",
      "EndDate": "2023-07-04T02:24:12.5934401+02:00",
      "ReminderDate": "2023-06-11T02:24:12.5934401+02:00",
      "ReminderInterval": 3,
      "OrderId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
      "SenderEmail": "test@local",
      "SenderName": "esignatur",
      "StepProgress": 2,
      "Documents": [
          "Title": "Some document",
          "AgreementId": "sdafdfasd9719082aa",
          "Filename": "Some_document.pdf",
          "IsAttachment": false
          "Title": "Some attachment",
          "AgreementId": "zztopfasd9719082aa",
          "Filename": "Some_attachment.pdf",
          "IsAttachment": true
      "Consents": [],
      "Attachments": [],
      "Steps": [
          "Signers": [
              "LocalId": 1,
              "Email": "test@local",
              "Name": "Api Apisen",
              "Reference": "sfdklQWEQW+09FXfkjlasdlf9",
              "DocumentSigned": "2023-06-06T02:24:12.5934401+02:00",
              "InvitedToSign": "2023-06-04T02:24:19.5934401+02:00",
              "Title": "Mr.",
              "Roles": [
              "SignerRoles": [
                  "Name": "Boardmember",
                  "DocumentIds": [],
                  "AttachmentIds": [],
                  "EmailTemplateKey": "board"
              "OnBehalfOf": "Some company",
              "IsApprover": false,
              "IsTwoFactorSign": false,
              "NoSignatureRequired": false,
              "EmptyAttachmentIdsOverridesDefault": false,
              "HideAttachments": false,
              "AppendixOptional": false,
              "IsPaymentSigner": false,
              "PaymentAmount": 0
          "RequiredToSign": 0
      "LastDownloaded": "2023-06-08T02:24:12.5934401+02:00",
      "IsCPROrder": false,
      "IsFilesOrder": false,
      "IsPropertyAdminOrder": false,
      "IsOnboardingOrder": false,
      "IsArchived": false,
      "IsPaymentOrder": false,
      "OrderCompletedBcc": [],
      "AddAttachmentToOrderCompletedBcc": false