At any time you can download the attachments given when the order was initially created.

Models used in the response:

Name Type Description Optional
Id String Order Id.
DocumentIndex Int Index of document (zero based index). You must specify this, DocumentId or AgreementId. yes
DocumentId Int Id of document. You must specify this, DocumentIndex or AgreementId. yes
AgreementId String AgreementId of document. You must specify this, DocumentIndex or DocumentId. yes

Name Type Description Optional
Title String Document title. If not set, defaults to filename. yes
Filename String Document filename.
DocumentFormat String Document format - set to Pdf for normal sign order. Do not set for Files / Sikker ePost orders.
DocumentData Byte[] Base64 encoded document.
CustomData String Custom data associated with this document. String will be truncated after 1024 characters. yes
TemplateKey String Load document with this template key. yes
DocumentId Int Document Id. Use this id in the signers DocumentIds or AttachmentIds lists. DocumentId <= 0 is reserved for internal use and is thus invalid. You should only send this if the value is 1 or greater (meaning you assign one or more signers to this document / attachment). yes
IsAttachment Boolean Is this an attachment? Attachments are not signed yes
DocumentType String Document Type. yes
DocumentCategory String Document Category. yes



Download an attachment.



JSON Input

  "Id": "91a43cd2-67f6-42c9-abe7-e1b275552ef5",
  "DocumentIndex": 0

JSON Output

  "Title": "Attachment",
  "Filename": "Attachment Document.pdf",
  "DocumentData": "AAECAw==",
  "IsAttachment": false,
  "FromPrint": false